• IT & Security Governance

    Assessment of the internal controls designed and implemented to mitigate IT risks and protect IT assets and business processes

  • Risk Management

    Integrated management and assessment of the risks associated with the governance of Information Technology, stemming from weaknesses in the internal control system

  • Compliance

    Compliance and internal controls risk assessment in reference to laws and regulations, industry standards and international frameworks of Information Technology


    Dedalo Academy is a “place” to share and develop knowledge, best practices and innovative ideas to increase professionalism and ensure the development of corporate human capital and much more


Dedalo provides services and solutions in the field of IT & Security, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, developed through the vast experience of our funding partners. The high quality of our services stems from expertise, skills, innovation, deep-rooted knowledge of organizational and technical challenges developed supporting our clients operating in different industries. We leverage our wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences to develop solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, delivering a clear overview of key issues and effective implementation strategies.


Our solutions are designed to fit the needs of our clients and are based on a comprehensive initial assessment, supported by the following tools:

  • S.R.M. – Security Risk Management
  • CR.AA.M. – Compliance Risk Management
  • SurveyNET – Surveys and online training
  • WhistleBlowing – SaaS delivery model
  • GDPR Platform – Management of compliance to the GDPR.


The management coaching model aims at facilitating performance and skills of our clients, supporting them in tackling the real-life challenges in their business environment. Each user in the company has a key role in the information security process; inappropriate behavior can undo any security measure adopted against cybercrime. Raising awareness in the workforce is a key strategic factor to safeguard the business and information assets.

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